Attitudes Of Your Man Showing That He Is Immature

Penetrating look, model smile, intelligent, funny and successful. At first glance, the man you go out with is a marvel, one in a million but there is something you do not know …

Behind that princely blue mask, that man is still an immature little boy who, before love, looks for someone who inflates his pride and more than needing a girlfriend, requires a mother to walk behind him.

If you detect someone with these signals, better run, stay away and tell the story to someone you trust the most:

Attitudes Of Your Man Showing That He Is Immature

1. He’s totally different on facebook or twitter than face to face

Many immature men are much more secure when they talk to you on WhatsApp or on Facebook than when they are with you in person.

It’s really annoying since you do not know what their true personality is.

2. Lacks ambitions

He is unable to leave his comfort zone.

The downside of being with a man without ambitions is that he will never aspire to anything and you will feel that you are dragging and pushing him all the time.

He is so comfortable that he does not move even in self-defense.

3. Everything is about him

He has an egomaniacal and dramatic perspective on things. Everything is centered on him, for better or for worse.

The defects will not be his fault, but yours or the others’ fault. But yes, the good things will be thanks to him and his wonderful qualities.

4. He and his pride are the perfect couple

Few things are as big as his pride. He is unable to say that he was wrong or to accept something that damages his pride.

And if you are the one who harms him, he will attack you. Nobody likes to swallow their pride, but you have to put on a scale what is more important for each one.

5. Does not know how to communicate

The clearest proof of this is when in a telephone argument, he ends up hanging up instead of quietly discussing like a mature man.

This detail sentences you to fights, arguments and bad times for not knowing how to speak. If he is not willing to listen to you, he moves away or keeps everything until the problem of the century explodes, then say goodbye.

6. His main weapons are emotional manipulation and blackmail

In the middle of a discussion, he does not show logical arguments, but emotional manipulation and blackmail.

They are the classics that if you want to go out with your friends, he is not able to say why he does not want you to do it, but they are based on a “then you do not love me” or “then you don’t care about me”.

7. He is unable to demonstrate his feelings

Do not expect him to show significant affection. He can not express anger, sadness or love in a special way.

Perhaps he expresses his feelings in inappropriate ways such as sadness in the form of anger or anger in the form of aggression.

8. He cannot be responsible for anything

In the worst case, he lives with his parents and they still take care of the rent, the food, the clothes, and several expenses, because he is unable to take responsibility for a house, he does not know what is like to live by himself and to be independent as he has always had someone to take care of him.

9. The word commitment does not exist for him

And this refers to the fact that the couple’s title only exists when it is convenient.

He is unable to commit to something, as simple as a plan in the afternoon because he breaks that plan to go with his friends.

10. Breaking up with him will come as your decision, not his

It’s one of the classics of “Well if I have so many flaws, why don’t you leave me now?”

Breaking up with him will not come from his mouth, because he can not face the consequences of his actions, nor the burden of what he decides.

Do not wait for him to take courage and take a stand.