6 Steps To Fall In Love Like A Mature Woman

Falling in love with the right man does not always happen to the first. As time progresses you become more demanding and it is no longer enough to share with your partner his taste for music, for traveling or for a glass of quality wine, but rather you are attracted to the way he sees life, his intelligence and the expectations he has for a future with you. If you identify yourself with these characteristics, it is because perhaps you are prepared to fall in love as a mature woman.

Do it through the following steps and show yourself that finding the right guy is possible.

6 Steps To Fall In Love Like A Mature Woman

1. Ask yourself if that person meets what you really want.

Do it because in many circumstances it is only physical attraction. Many men impress with their pretty face, their athletic physique, their interesting work and even their compliments behind a cell phone, but not always in the personality that women are looking for, a priority for them.

As men know that you are looking for your better half, you yourself have become convinced of what it is what you really crave, but in the end, it is not so. Although your family and friends are pushing you so you introduce them to your future husband or partner, it is not at all crazy to think that at your 20, 30 or more than 40 years your desire is another, although most believe that “that the train will leave you”. Do you really want to fall in love?

2. Fairy tales are that… pure story.

The closest you live to a fairy tale are those first days when a man courts you, but in reality, the blue princes do not exist. It is time that you accept that there is no man without defects and that from the endless list of requirements that your man has to meet, he may not meet even 50%. Accept that the person who arrives makes mistakes, has defects, but also skills and you will know how to deal with them if you really love him.

3. Don’t look for express love.

Ok, some couples have met through online dating applications such as Tinder, but not in all cases the same thing happens.

If you are looking for a serious and non-fleeting relationship, this type of site where “express love” is offered is not the best place to do it. Those who decide to be there is because they want to have fun, meet people, go out a couple of times, but without formalizing anything because they see it as occasional dates. Do not fool yourself or waste your time, much less your energy!

4. Don’t waste your time.

It is not possible that you still run into men that all they want is to get involved in a game; that is, when I want to see you I call you, we had a good time and that’s all. This attitude was interesting and injected adrenaline into your life years ago, not now. Or does it?

When your time comes when you want to fall in love as a mature woman you have to know how to identify if the man next to you is also mature and if he wants the same. If you want something, say it and if not, too.

5. Learn to identify the signs.

The brains of women and men do not behave the same before love. According to researchers at the University of Syracuse, New York, when men fall in love, they develop more activity in the brain region associated with visual stimuli. Meanwhile, women activate the memory area more, which is why you remember the details more.

In itself, when you are in love you will know that you are because you unconsciously identify signs like these: you imagine a life together, you lie down and get up thinking about him, you look for excuses to talk to him, you imagine him at any moment and it makes you smile, your imagination goes off And you even feel morbid.

If your man is in love with you, you will notice that he wants to impress you, he is interested in what you tell him, he wants to spend more time with you than with his friends, he talks about a future together, he wants to know more about you, he doesn’t push you.

6. What if it doesn’t happen?

You have to be prepared! Falling in love does not happen overnight and many times as much as you look for it, it does not happen. In this process, you can be wrong or right, but you won’t know that until the time comes. If you have not yet fallen in love, do not despair … Soon a man will come who deserves you!