6 Signs That You Are Falling In Love With Him

“I love you” are the two most powerful words in the world and, at the same time, those that inspire the most fear. Product of a relationship or bond that does not usually happen to us regularly, these signs will help you realize that you are beginning to experience the most valuable feeling that you will find in your long life: YOU ARE FALLING IN LOVE.

6 Signs That You Are Falling In Love With Him

1. You think about how he will be.

Beyond thinking of him at all hours, something usual during a more passionate infatuation phase, you make that person’s problems your own. You watch him unconsciously, you feel compassion for those aspects that do not work well for him and you try to see him as happy as possible.

2. You compare others to him.

Comparing all those other men you know with him means you’re falling in love. You see him with a different aura than the rest, standing out among a sea of ​​men who can hardly compare to the unique and unmistakable.

3. You change your life.

If you feel an irrational need to have a space in the middle of the stressful workday, delay a trip for a couple of days or put aside certain habits to be with that person, you incorporate some new tastes that you did not have before, it means that you are falling in love and that, despite your strict control for the life you always led, you want him to enter in it.

4. You crave that time of day …

A text message when you grab your cell phone while eating, a five-minute call that lasts up to two hours when you return home after a hard day … little details that make you raise your eyebrows and smile like a teenager, even if you don’t want to recognize it. Accept it! if your whole routine revolves around a call or message, effectively, you feel more than you thought for that guy.

5. You imagine a promising future.

There is a before and after in every relationship: that moment in which you draw a near future with that person, the greatest evidence that you really want him not to leave, to stay by your side for a while longer. If you really start to daydream about all those future things that need to be done, and you can’t help it, it means the obvious.

6. You give more than you receive.

If you give in to his plans, you strive to see him constantly happy and, at the same time, you feel that you ignore your own purposes or ambitions, this means that, for once, you are not the priority; You are almost so in love that you feel that everything you do leads you to him, beyond what you always did for yourself.

These indications transcend the simple physical attraction of the first weeks, marking the difference between passion and sex with maturity and commitment. An intermediate step full of nuances and fears that, over time, will succumb to the power of a love that transforms you, leading you to do things that reasoning or your thinking habits cannot control.