5 Locations to meet men

5 Locations to meet men

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After the office, bars, and nightclubs where to find a boyfriend or someone to hang out. What are you waiting for? Take your slippers out and go through this map of the
5 locations to meet men.

We do not know if the bars and nightclubs are the best environments to meet a couple, but trying it can be fun. Or do you prefer your life to pass in front of the TV? We give several options for all tastes and objectives.

5 Locations to meet men

Virtual contact sites

It is an undeniable fact. After the Y2K scare at the beginning of the millennium, we all turned desperately to online dating. At first, it was themed chat rooms, then the profiles on the most popular contact places. And now it came the turn of the geosocial apps, but also with mobile versions of more traditional sites. My God, that the Internet never goes out!

The gym

Just in case we misplace the mobile, it is good to have in mind some alternatives. One of the most effective is the gym. What better place to check the physical condition of others, before investing time and energy to arrange a date? The conversations about diet, supplements and exercises are a good start in this space.

Discos and bars

If you survive the pushing and manage to communicate over the music, the disco and bars are a good place to meet men. It is an experience that can be a bit intimidating, especially if the guy you are interested is surrounded by his friends. Therefore, it is necessary that in order to achieve something in these environments, you learn to feel confident and lose that fear to start a conversation with a stranger.

Cruising spaces

Saunas, teapots and cruising spaces in general, will always be there, at your fingertips. There everyone looks the for the same, so it is a very practical and effective way of having a conversation with a man.

Any public place

Finally, we believe that meeting men is an art that can be practiced in any public space. Just enough to be alert and well disposed. On the street, in front of a window. On a bus trip, at a concert, in college, at a wedding, at an ATM, in the supermarket … Where is it written, ultimately, what is the best place for that magical encounter?

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