3 Reasons Why Your Friends Hate Your Boyfriend

Women all had that boyfriend that all their friends hate. You may have never noticed the moment when everyone started seeing your boyfriend with their eyes up, but there may be reasons why your friends hate your boyfriend.



3 Reasons Why Your Friends Hate Your Boyfriend

1. You provoked it.

It always happens that during a time of adjustment, couples have fights over such silly things as “He thought you were ugly.”

The mistake that many girls make is running to their friends and telling them the whole problem. It is when the problem of two becomes: “Our friend’s boyfriend is a fool.”

The big problem is that you let all your friends find out about everything bad and only a few good things. Your friends love you and after seeing you cry so many times, it is normal for them to resent your boyfriend.

2. You’re not seeing something that they are.

You may not want to see it, but when your friends don’t like your boyfriend, there is something funny.

No matter how much you defend him, sometimes people who are out of the relationship may notice behaviors that are not right. It’s hard to notice that your boyfriend is a bad person or that he’s cheating on you if you’re in love with him.

This may be one of the reasons why your friends hate your boyfriend.

3. He does not have a good reputation.

Returning to the previous point. No good friend is going to celebrate the guy who has a reputation as a manipulator or womanizer.

Removing that stain from your relationship is going to be difficult; So give your friends some time to get to know your man. Sometimes it is said that people do not change, but the truth is that over time we do mature a lot.

Try your boyfriend also to interact with your friends, because if there is no interaction from anywhere you may end up without friends.