10 Types Of Men You Should Keep Away From Your Life

It doesn’t matter if you want to kiss hundreds of toads before you find a true gentleman that you completely fall in love with, but please try to save yourself some time and avoid staying close to these types of men.



10 Types Of Men You Should Keep Away From Your Life

1. The”I don’t like your friend”.

If he is not willing to try to get along with your best friend, the result will be that you will have to choose between one of the two. Your best friend is an important part of your life, and you shouldn’t have to give it up just because he doesn’t like it.

2. The liar.

If you allow him to lie to others when you are together, he will believe he is justified in lying to you, and he probably will all the time.

3. He does not know what he wants.

If he can’t make a decision when it comes to a career, or a place to live, who can tell you that he won’t change his mind about you?

4. The one who is stuck in his way of being.

If he is stuck in his way of being and is not willing to change, his relationship will not be successful. In a relationship two people share things, and he is not willing to do it.

5. He who fears rejection.

This is a man who is going to do whatever it takes to be a part of your life, which is not a good thing. They do not make their own decisions for fear of being rejected.

6. The man who is still glued to his mom.

He will expect you to do the things his mother does for him. This type of man has to understand that you are not his mother, because if he does not, he will expect you to be like her and the relationship will not work.

7. The workaholic.

This type of man puts his work before anything and will never be by your side. More time spent on his job means less time spent on his relationship or his future.

8. He has a different religion.

This will be a problem in the future. Some studies revealed that relationship satisfaction is lower when people have different religious beliefs than when they share beliefs; even less than when neither is religious. This does not have to be in all cases, of course.

9. He does not want to commit to any relationship.

He is not going to want to give up his freedom to settle down or to have children. Some studies showed that the quality of the relationship is affected depending on the degree of commitment of your partner.

10. The media addict.

If he spends more time checking his social media or messages than with you, he definitely won’t last. Additionally, the Farrugia study, conducted in 2013, found that the more time he spends on social media, the more jealous you will become and spend time constantly monitoring your partner.