Why do married men have affairs – Do you know why your man is cheating on you?

Why for more laps you’ve given to the matter, still do not find a reason for his infidelity? It is a mystery that all women that faced a situation like this have wanted to know, but never found a satisfactory answer.

Why do married men have affairs?

Why do married men have affairs

Why do married men have affairs

And it is because probably does not exist, there are many popular beliefs about male infidelity that tell us that it is an instinct in a man to search for another partner or is the woman’s fault that her partner is unfaithful. However, the writer and motivator Maria Marin revealed to us the truth that nobody has dared to tell why¬†do married men have affairs.

They are infidels because they’re stupid

To be less aggressive and more categorical, the expert judges that men ‘cuckolded’ because of lack of intelligence and although this is something that probably couples don’t believe is totally true, explains the expert. A study at the University of London showed that men with lower IQs were more likely to commit infidelity.

“The more intelligent is the man most faithful will be” but to understand this, the expert explains that what happens when an intelligent man runs into a temptation, he’ll analyze the danger in the situation and will decide not to risk losing something very valuable for an adventure. Otherwise the not so intelligent men, probably will commit the infidelity without thinking of the consequences.

But not all men are equal, not all are infidels instinctively as is commonly believed. There are no studies showing that men are naturally monogamous or bigamous, however, there are statistics that show that there are more men who cheat on their partners than women. According to Maria Marin 70 percent of married men in the country have admitted being unfaithful to their partner at least once.

The writer explains that the most common justifications for these men is boredom and monotony. Because when the man feels that every day lives the same or living in a rut, it’s when he loses¬†interest.

Nothing assures us that a man will not be unfaithful, but if you notice that you are stuck in the intimate life with your partner, try new things, show him admiration, since gentlemen have the need to feel that their partner is fascinated by them and if they feel ignored seek such recognition anywhere else.