Ways to lose a guy – Phrases that will make you lose a man in less than a minute

Ways to lose a guy

Ways to lose a guy

The female site Womanitely published some phrases that could distance the man in your life in less than the blink of an eye. And here we tell you which are the ways to lose a guy by using certain bad phrases.

Sometimes telling a man what you think, without thinking twice, can push him away from your side or damage a relationship a lot. And we usually believe that by being honest and telling the truth we are doing the right thing, and is fine, but there are ways to do it. The key to making your criticisms well received is you choose the right words.

To give you a hand with your moment of sincerity, we leave the eight phrases you should never tell a man if you want that he automatically pass from love to hate, that the journalist Jennifer Houston published in the site Womanitely. Take notes!

1- “You’re an asshole”

Meeting with the son of the mother is always difficult, but if you love your man and want to spend the rest of your life with him, you should never say that he is “a sucker”. Accept him and do not try to change him, because he will never cease to be.

 2- “Tell me about your ex”

Although it is tempting to know details about your boyfriend’s ex, try to avoid such conversations. You’ll never win the heart of a man if you ask about his ex since you won’t focus on your relationship and therefore will not improve your relationship with him.

3- “Look at that woman, looks fabulous”

Phrases like this one are well known for terminating with a lot of relationships. And it is that why we’re up to to those things, chances are that if his answer is positive, you will be jealous and take the conversation to a fight that surely could have been avoided.

4- “Am I pretty?”

If he likes you he’ll say you are pretty without you asking him. And if he doesn’t say it, it does not mean you’re not. There are men who do not think is necessary to say it even if they think it, so there’s a reason why he is with you.

5- “You have a terrible sense of fashion”

If you do not like how your man dresses, do not tell him. Best change his look strategically: you can gradually get rid of his oldest clothes by buying new ones or, better yet! Accompany him each time he wants to renew his closet. If you get on his face because of his bad taste in fashion, all you will achieve is to lower his self-esteem.

6- “When will you call me and we’ll meet again?”

When you have a first date with a man you like, it is tempting to ask for a second date. But do not do it! He’ll think you’re a dependent woman. Rest assured, if he’s interested in you he’ll seek you. It is also always good to show some indifference.

7- “It’s just a job”

If your man spends a few days trying to achieve an important project, but his boss does not take him into account and makes him feel like a failure, do not say phrases like, “is just a job” or “do not take it into account”. Usually, men value their work, especially when they do something for passion. Better say something to show your support as “Quiet, next time for sure your boss will notice your work” or “do not give up. You’ll do better next time. I believe in you “.

8- “You’ll never become someone successful”

If your partner is a little insecure and always asks for advice before taking a decision, do not question his courage. Not only will ruin the relationship, you’ll make him think he’s really unfortunate. Encourage him, support him, help him and inspire him but never reproach him with phrases like that.