Mistakes women make in relationships

Mistakes women make in relationships

Mistakes women make in relationships

From behaving like a mother to devote herself to pull the oar in relations by herself, the following are some of the mistakes women make in relationships that break them completely.

Behave like mothers

If you treat a man like a child, exceeding to help, doing the things he should do for himself, constantly reminding him of his obligations, rebuking his carelessness, not trusting him to do things right, correcting him and sending him … he will continue to behave as a child. If you assume that he is incompetent, he never ceases to be.

We are afraid to be abandoned and make the man dependent on us to result him imprescindible to us … but sooner or later every child wants to escape his mother’s skirt and also feeling inept will make fall his pride and behave even more like useless, less loving with you unable to see you under a prism erotic and romantic … and consequently less interesting he’ll result to you, and you’ll feel less attracted to him.

So stop being a mother to your man and become his mistress.

Stop doing things for him which he should do for himself, to learn to do things by himself, but have to be patient with his learning if the home is somewhat chaotic. Distribute the responsibilities of your relationship and do not get into his ground even when he makes a mistake.

Do not remember him the information that he should just remember himself; if he forgets do not scold him, build solidarity with his frustration and continue taking responsibility of your affairs.

Do not fall into the temptation to help him. Let him make his own mistakes and deal with the consequences, because it is the only way to learn to avoid them in the future.

Sacrifice herself, relegating to a second place and putting forward the man they love

Do not give up your own interests, hobbies and activities, although naively you believe is not supposed to be a sacrifice to abandon them.

Do not stop frequenting your friends or family for the fact that he doesn’t like them. One of the tactics used by men to dominate you is to separate you from those individuals and groups who love you and who you could turn for help.

Do not sacrifice who you are for becoming what the man wants you to be, you will end up loving yourself less.

Do not abandon your own dreams to help a man in the realization of his own.

Whenever you abandon an interest, a friend or a dream, hoping to win the love of a man, you give up a piece of yourself. If you’re amputating yourself to make yourself loved, you will lose your heart and soul of a woman. Instead, the more complete you are as a woman, the less likely you are to find a relationship just to nurture and to offer yourself as a candidate for a sacrifice.

Do not sacrifice your pride, your sense of personal dignity and integrity, your pride with the aim of getting a man to love you. Do not be a martyr of love. Cease to give in to a man.

Falling in love with the skills and qualities that believe intuit in the man

Fall in love with a man as it is now, without pretend to “save” him or waiting that tomorrow he becomes different. Do not stand mistreatment pending manifest what we believe is inside him.

A man only changes when he loves himself enough.

Hide her own excellence and effectiveness for fear of appearing proud or conceited

The woman who exudes self-confidence is very attractive.
Accept compliments. Try to join a man to let you shine.

Pretend to be a girl to get what they want from men

Do not pretend be naive or ignorant. Express your anger. Do not use a plaintive voice. You do not create a crisis to attract attention. You will not earn the respect of a man behaving like a child.

Devote herself to pull the oar in relations by herself

In relationships, the woman sets out to meet the emotional voids, to break the silence, to bridge the gap through affection, to fill the time with activities to remedy gaps through love. But when we exaggerate, we fall into the danger of having to paddle the boat alone to advance.

Wait until your partner comes near your bedside rather than one who is always in his curls, give him chance to start the seduction, tell him to surprise you planning the weekend or holidays or a romantic evening …

Try to make sense of your life with other creative and satisfying activities, so that your relationship is not the only outlet for your energies.