7 Things you should never tell a man

7 Things you should never tell a man

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In general, men are not as difficult to decipher. But there are certain indiscretions with which you have to be careful. If you are the type of women who meet a man, and to quickly earn him, you wide open the book with the intimacies of your life, let me remind you a famous phrase among lawyers: “Everything you say will be used against you.” .. at the right time. Experience teaches that by being discrete we look nicer. Keep reading and I’ll tell you the 7 Things you should never tell a man or will escape in less time than you can say, “Wait!”.

7 Things you should never tell a man

1. When will we meet again? If you had a first date with him and you are delighted, control yourself! He is expected to take the initiative to ask for a second meeting. It is the only way to really know if he is interested in you.

2. My ex also did that. If before some gestures of your partner, you notice that bears some resemblance to your ex, do not ever mention it. No man likes to hear that you compare him with his previous partners.

3. Did you sleep with her? If upon interaction with another woman jealousy arouse you, do not ever ask such a thing. Not only shows your insecurity, but you will achieve to put him in a bad mood.

4. Yes, before, I had eight boyfriends. What! If he were to ask you how many relationships you had before, no even joking you should tell the truth. First is a fact that he should not care about. “What is the past is the past. With the present in front of you”, already said Pope Francis.

5. Do you think I’m fat? Men like secure and unapologetic women. And if he tells you, you’re “a little chubby”, that will end in a fight. Those kinds of questions you should better ask them to your best friend.

6. It seems that football is more important than me. If your boyfriend is passionate about football as most men are, learn about football, so you can discuss the match with him. But never put him to decide between watching the football game and you. Girl, one should never invoke the devil. There will be time for your business when the game is over.

7. I do not like your mother. Oh, my friend! This is the phrase that you should never tell a man. Even if his mom is “Maleficent” in person. To your mother-in-law or future mother-in-law, you should never touch even with the petal of a rose. Diplomacy is the way.

These were some of the most common 7 Things you should never tell a man if want to keep him by your side.

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