What guys love in bed

Most people both men and women have doubts in intimacy. The question is whether they will be good enough or if they are doing things right. Women know what turns them
on in bed, but what guys love in bed?

What guys love in bed

What guys love in bed

What guys love in bed

All women want to drive their man crazy, be the best in bed at the time of sex, and what is sought is to enjoy and there is nothing more exciting and pleasurable to see your man go crazy for you.

If you want to break the sexual routine with your husband, give more passion to sex with your boyfriend or be the best friend with rights that a man has ever had, do not
miss these following tips to infuriate a man in bed …

Pay attention, these are some of the things that men want you to do them in bed. Then you decide what to do and what not.

What men love in bed

1. Let him see: Men are visual, they love to look at the body of a woman during sex and not to have to ask you to do any specific position because she knows what to

Reverse cowgirl is one of the most challenging positions they like because they can look at the woman as she is up.

2. Surprise him: Something men like is the surprises, for example, they would like to find their girl in sexy lingerie when they get back from work or do it in an unusual

Another way is to surprise him with an intense and lasting session of oral sex as he likes best. What man could resist that?

If you want to take the most pleasure, a trick is to increase the sexual tension gradually, that is, not going directly “to the point”, but begin exploring the area of his hands first, and then give passage to kisses.

3. Encouraging words: Men do not like you to retell them everything that happens, but to tell them some stimulant phrases to excite them the most. From what you want
to do to him or how well you are doing something, they love to hear it!

Nothing can make a man go crazier in bed than knowing by your own words, groans, movements, etc. that you’re enjoying what he does. If you are “mute” at the time of sex,
then is time to change! Phrases like “I love you …”, “How good it feels when …” must be present.

When the man sees the face of his partner he imagines that is close to the seventh heaven, but tell him with all the letters, and especially with all the details, it is much more exciting for him and for you too. The dirty talk is infallible for a passionate night!

4. Stimulate with noises: Men love the noises in bed. It lets them know that you are enjoying and encourages them even more.

5. Take control: Men like the confident women with attitude and who take control. So many men like you to tie them, being told what to do, or that the woman shows the positions herself.

6. Eye Contact: Eye contact during sex is very exciting for men, they love to see how their partner enjoy. That’s why many ask his wife to open her eyes to look at
them, that makes them enjoy even more!

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