9 Ways to seduce a guy

Want to attract the man of your dreams? Are you ready to become a spectacular seductive? Just practice these 9 ways to seduce a guy.

The first thing you need to know is that it does not matter how you look or the experience you have.

In you live unique and powerful abilities to seduce a man that you just have to discover to use them in your favor. Believe it!

You must learn how to seduce a man using psychological techniques since there is evidence that this issue is 80% psychological and 20% physical. So to practice these tricks!

9 Ways to seduce a guy

In the art of seducing a man you must be open and daring, this is a way only for the braves, that will finally be the only ones that will achieve to win their coveted man. Without further ado, our Top 9:

9. Fall in love with yourself:

Start by knowing your body and recognize your pros, value yourself first, love your physical and emotional qualities. But, most importantly, be yourself! Do not act or pretend. Men love women who show authenticity.

8. Spectacular Dress:

Choose clothing that promotes your attributes. Do not show everything, playing with necklines intelligently. Small provocative details that incite the imagination make men go wild!

When you go out with him, play with sheer dresses that create movement when walking, with the textures and the colors that look better on you. Remember that high heels are ideal to enhance your figure and to look sexy.

7. A face to shine:

Show yourself feminine without a lot of makeup. You can, for example, enhance the sensuality of your lips with transparent or red lip glosses.

If it is dark, you can play with shades of subtle flashes and enhance your eyes … that your eyes tell him how much you want him.

6. Shave!

Most men do not like hair so better shave well. Wash your armpits clean and if you go to show your legs even more!

Remember to moisturize the skin to make it look very natural and provocative.

5. Seduce with aromas:

Choose and use an exquisite perfume, it will make him always remember you because of that smell. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who casts fresh delicious aromas.

4. interesting conversations:

Do not talk excessively, listen to him and take interest in his words. That makes the dialog more dynamic and can truly connect you two as a couple.

Also, keep in mind that men value capable and secure women that express in their conversations knowledge and life experiences.

3. Smile:

Men like women with a sense of humor. Show yourself amused with his jokes or comments and that boy will die for you.

2. Become a sexy goddess:

Flirt with your hair, eyes, speak occasionally to whisper in his ear, staring at his mouth and smile at him as expressing a great desire. Ah! and occasionally drop a light touch …

They see sexy and a little “playful” women irresistible to them.

1. You should like sex:

It is no a secret that men really like sex and if you like it and enjoy it, he’ll just go crazy for you!

Without pretense, force yourself or feel uncomfortable, it is simply a call to feel plentiful of your sexuality and your flirtation with the certainty that you can please him in bed.