Types Of Looks A Man Can Have Towards A Girl

To all, it is known that a look can say much more than words.

We are continuously analyzing other people’s looks to try to discover what is behind them, which sometimes is simple, because of the obviousness of them, but in others, it is not so.

In the case of boys and girls, it is very normal to use the language of looks to let them know what types of feelings inspire us.

It has always been said that women have a sixth sense, right? Surely then they should recognize what is behind each of these looks.

Types Of Looks A Man Can Have Towards A Girl

1. A look of hatred:

With half-closed eyes and tight lips, the look of hatred is unmistakable, especially because it tends to be towards someone you have loved with madness before.

And that is that there is only one step from love to hatred, is totally true, and it is the most normal thing that a boy who has put all his heart into loving a girl ends up hating her and letting her know with one of these looks if she has not known how to appreciate his feelings and she has hurt him.

2. Look of disgust:

The eyes slightly fallen, and the elevation of the upper lip are the characteristics of this type of look.

Although it is more common from a girl towards a boy because men are the ones who usually take the initiative, it can also happen the other way around.

3. Look of desire:

That steady gaze that is stuck in her eyes, is always recognized by a girl.

Sometimes it is accompanied by a general review of the female anatomy that ends up clearing any doubt that could be.

But when a girl receives this kind of look she knows perfectly well that she is the protagonist of the wetter dreams of those who lavish it.

4. Look of “I like you but I do not dare”:

This is a kind of furtive glance, which however does not avoid the eyes of the girl.

Rather it is a kind of intermittent eye contact, in which when she returns her gaze, he moves it away … to stare again a few seconds later.

That way he lets her know that although the attraction exists, he does not dare to take a step forward, and expects a clear signal to do so.

5. The gaze of the game:

It is a variant of the look of desire, in which both know that they’re not going to come to anything, but even so, they initiate the ritual.

It is often given in the subway or in fleeting situations.

He looks at her in a steady and insistent way. She realizes and corresponds to him.

They are strangers and they will not stop being, but for a few minutes, that game of looks is like a kind of fleeting romance.

6. Look of contempt:

It can get confused with the look of disgust, but certainly not the same.

Behind a look of contempt, there is a story between two people that ended badly. A disappointment or disillusion.

That is what motivates a man to look down on a girl with contempt.

At some point, he believed that she was something special and time showed him a very different reality.

So much that now he is incapable to have the minimum respect for her.

7. Look of love:

Of all the kinds of looks, this is possibly the most recognizable.

The boy who falls in love with a girl looks at her as if he were attending a miracle.

He can not avoid a permanent smile on his face when he is in front of her and his eyes have a special brightness that is obvious.

The look of love has an expiration date because, after that period in which he sees her as perfect, the look of love is gradually diluted until is lost in oblivion …