Signs your best friend is in love with you

Your best friend is undoubtedly a very special person for you.

Admit it … It’s amazing to have a person you can always trust; with whom you have fun and you can share very good moments.

Signs your best friend is in love with you

Signs your best friend is in love with you

But, the situation becomes tense and confusing if your best friend falls in love with you, especially when you only see him as your “best friend”.

If you suspect that your best friend loves you as something more than his friend, we leave you some signals so you can prove it.

Ready to discover it?

Signs your best friend is in love with you

1. He is super jealous of you.

It is normal for a good friend to tell you when he does not like the gallant with whom you are dating, but if your best friend never likes your boyfriends and always finds them flaws, this is a sign that he likes you!

These actions and comments reveal that he is jealous and that he really wants you to remain single for him.

2. Too many compliments.

It is not strange to receive compliments from our best friend … From time to time.

But if he spends it all the time complimenting you on how pretty you are or how special you are, it is clear that he sees you as something more than a simple friend.

3. His eyes betray him!

How to know if my best friend is in love with me?

Look him in the eyes!

In them, you can know if a man has feelings for you since the way he looks at you is “different”.

If lately, he looks at you steadily and deeply, with tenderness and a lot of love, the chances that your best friend is in love with you are very high!

4. He looks for you all the time.

If even when he has a girlfriend or date, your best friend does not stop looking for you and invites you to go out very often, not only he is telling you that he thinks a lot about you and that he wants to be with you, he also makes it evident that he loves you.

5. He fills you with details.

A common best friend can have a special detail with you at very important times, such as your birthday or your graduation.

But if he gives you surprises very often and for no reason likes buying you flowers, giving you chocolates or tickets to your favorite concert, he’s definitely looking for something more than a friendship!

Meets all requirements?

Then it’s time to accept it: your best friend is in love with you.