Signs to know if a man likes you

Surely you have run into that boy who seems to take you into account more than the others … and the feeling is mutual. Has not the doubt assailed you if he likes you …?

Signs to know if a man likes you

Signs to know if a man likes you

These ten hints of nonverbal communication will teach you to silently discover what he feels for you.

Signs to know if a man likes you

10. Smiles a lot when he is near you.

It even looks like he laughs alone!

It is very difficult for him to hide the pleasure he feels by being with you, and expresses it in the simplest way: with an authentic smile.

Remember that a real smile also includes the eyes.

To identify a true smile you should pay attention to the eyes; these wrinkles should be formed on the sides called ‘crow’s feet’.

Only then can you make sure he’s really smiling.

9. In social gatherings will always try to have you under his ‘radar’.

When a man likes you, he will make sure he does not lose sight of you even when you haven’t gone out together or he’s not with you; Even if he does not see you for a few minutes, he will be capable to ask your whereabouts.

The mere fact of not knowing where you are will fill him with anxiety.

It is important that he does not discover you by searching him with your eyes.

Try to locate him out of the corner of your eye, and pretend you do not realize he is watching you.

Do not look at him directly (at least yet).

Remember that when a man likes you, it is important to let him come. If you do it yourself, you could scare him away.

 8. Pay special attention.

The threshold of attention of men is very limited unless you are talking about something that really attracts us.

If you are telling us about the latest romantic comedy you saw and we are giving you all our interest, it is a good sign.

A sure sign that he is not really interested in you is that he pays attention to other women and has the same details with them as with you. Keep this in mind.

This is an unconscious gesture, which we inherited from the time when we males had to go hunting: it is a way to prove ourselves more suitable for physical activities.

6. He Will try to be attentive and like you.

Chivalry, compliments and small details will be strong indications that he feels something for you. It will also try to protect you and make you feel good.

For example, protecting you from elements such as rain and cold is a good opportunity to show his chivalry and get closer to you with a very good excuse.

5. Always gets some excuse to get close to you or share an activity, even a few minutes.

With attraction there are no coincidences; if he always appears ‘casually’ at the right time, it is a sign that he is interested.

4. It may cost him to communicate verbally.

Men do not have the communication skills of women.

Imagine when we try to express what we feel!

A slight stammer, hands over the mouth or sudden falls in the tone of voice is likely; Remember that no matter how secure we look, the fear of rejection is very real in us.

When talking to you, he may feel a little shy at first and may even cross his arms; but as he gains confidence, not only will he release them, but he will prop up one of his hands (or even both) on his waist and will open his elbows, as to “block access” to any other man who wants to approach.

Men are territorial; try to notice if you are in a group, he tries to place himself between you and the men that he could consider as competition for him.

2. His eyes look brighter when he sees you.

The attraction has a direct reaction in our lacrimal, and it is not something that can be avoided because it is a totally involuntary reaction.

You will see that his eyes have a particular “brightness” that you can not describe.

Another reason why his eyes look brighter if he likes you is that by reducing the frequency of the blinking, the eyes will try to lubricate to compensate.

It is a bit difficult to verify, but when we like someone, both men and women the pupils are dilated when we observe them.

1. Looks at your mouth.

This is one of the strongest signs that a man likes you.

If his gaze is diverted to your mouth (Whether you are talking or not), you can be sure that you attract him.

A man who really likes you will not only see your mouth, but he will lower his eyes even more towards your neck and your blouse (You will do the same, without realizing it, when you look at him).