Signs The He Obviously Likes You

All the girls are smart, but many of them are lost in terms of boys.

There are several types of men who confuse, there are those who show their interest in a strange way, those who never show it or those who send signals that you do not know how to analyze.

The issue is not that the boys are inept flirting, but understanding the signals is quite complicated.

That is why we collect for you some Signs The He Obviously Likes You.

Signs The He Obviously Likes You

1. He tells you that he began to like something you love.

Let’s say you have a serious passion for a series (it can also be a film, artist, band, etc.) and you talk all the time about how amazing it is.

If a guy you know takes the trouble to tell you that he saw the series, maybe he did it with the intention of praising your good taste or having a deep chat with you.

2. He shares too much with you.

Among friends or acquaintances it is normal to share in equal parts, but if the boy offers more than what you give, sure is a sign.

The boys are generous when they like a girl because they want to make her happy or have something that unites them, like a sandwich, a movie, a Netflix account, etc.

3. Finds excuses to touch you.

We do not talk about looking to touch you in a lascivious way but in a romantic way.

For example, accidentally touching your hands, greeting or kissing goodbye or unexpected hugs.

This type of audacity is a sign that he is attracted to you, but beware!

If it starts to bother you, better let him know.

4. He says a lot how great it is to be with you.

Just think it over.

Have you been spending a lot of time together? Does he constantly repeat how great it is to hang out together?

He is trying to let you know how much he enjoys your company and to know how much you enjoy his.

5. Talks about his sentimental situation.

Suddenly the boy has decided that you are a trustworthy person to open up sentimentally.

Honestly, it’s not a 100% sure sign because he may just be trusting you as a best friend, but do not rule out a romantic inclination, that definitely happens.

6. He became friends with your little group.

If the boy found a way to enter your social circle, surely he did it so that A) He gets your attention or B) Spends more time with you.

Maybe you already had friends in common, but if you did not normally spend so much time together and now he just wants to be with you … how come don’t you notice it?

7. He invited you to go out in “not romantic” mode.

Let’s say that he invites you to go out with a casual intention, but when he specifies that it is the two of you alone, stop there, cowgirl!

It’s a date!

The boys are also afraid of being hurt and therefore try to keep the date informal, for fear of rejection.

Thus they have the opportunity to make a play at the time of the meeting.

8. Looks for reasons to see you.

Looks for any reason to see you, from going to the concert of your favorite singer to accompanying you to eat on the corner.

This signal is especially true because it means that he can not do enough to spend a lot of time with you, trying to share experiences with him and taking the next step.