Signs that someone you didn’t suspect likes you

Sometimes the signs are so clear that you do not see them … But we help you see them.

Boy likes girl.

Something that not only repeats itself in the plot of a multitude of movies … It happens, like everything else, also in real life.

Signs that someone you didn't suspect likes you

Signs that someone you didn’t suspect likes you

The attraction is something physical, the chemistry arises without more … They are reactions that can not be controlled.

Sometimes it is hard to see the signs, perhaps because we think it is impossible, or perhaps because directly, that person does not attract us.

Like everything, the details matter, and you have to look precisely at this to realize things.

Signs that someone you didn’t suspect likes you

1. You talk (almost) every day.

It seems a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s hard to see.

The friendship between a boy and a girl is possible, but as a general rule, the male gender is more reluctant to be talking all day, for example, by WhatsApp.

Work questions, absurd nonsense, photographs that remind you of something you have talked about, even a simple “hello” in the morning or a greeting from time to time, are already an excuse to have a conversation.

Look at the details, see if he continues the conversations … Or simply if he responds to you when, any other person, would stop doing it.

Although conversations are always better face to face, talking too much can only mean something good.

2. Remembers things you have talked about for a long time.

Maybe it’s that email that you told him to send you on Fridays to laugh on the last day of the week, or maybe that absurd photo of a grace that you both have.

Or maybe that comment that you said several months ago but that he remembers as if it was yesterday.

It may be something silly, or something more important, but we already know that we always try to remember the good and the positive.

When something matters to you, you remember it, and when not … You just forget it.

When something interests you, you show attention, that’s why you remember things.

3. Finds excuses.

Offers to buy a coffee or asks for help with some work (if you work together), drinking something after work with a group of people (because he writes to you and tells you if you want to go) …

Or maybe even writes to you without wanting to do so, something that was not really for you.

An excuse, according to the Royal Spanish Academy, is the action and the effect of hiding.

All these things hide, or not, that little or much he likes you.

4. He has talked about you to someone close.

Maybe you will not come to know if that person is not in your circle of friends or your work, but if the girls talk about what happens to their closest friends, men are more reluctant. A lot more.

If a boy does it, you really matter to him. Maybe he does it on purpose, or maybe not, but if he has you in mind and shares what he thinks or feels, it’s a good sign.

5. He smiles at you.

They say that the face is the mirror of the soul, and often with a smile, there are plenty of words …

If every now and then you smile at each other if you are cheerful when you are together or laugh more than usual …

There is a high percentage of chances that he likes you.

Exchanging a look is much easier, if he smiles at you, they are big words.

Do you have someone in mind watching this …?