Signs that show that he really likes you

These signs show that the boy really likes you.

Many women would like to know if that guy they’re dating is serious with them and they will not end up with a broken heart.

Signs that show that he really likes you

Signs that show that he really likes you

One way to discover that is by recognizing the following signals that we present next.

Signs that show that he really likes you

1.- Seeks to impress you.

In that sense, you must know if he wants to impress you to create a good impression or if he just wants to be praised.

If you have noticed that it is the first, then it is a good sign.

2.- He is not afraid to express his love.

If your boy is not afraid to tell you that he likes you or hold your hand while walking, then that means that things are serious between you.

3.- He calls you every day to find out how you’ve been doing.

The fact that he calls you every day to ask you how you are and that he wants to show you that he really cares and thinks about you constantly.

4.- Does not insist on intimacy.

Being intimate with your partner is a very important decision, especially if you have been dating for a short time.

If your partner does not insist on that, definitely the relationship is serious.

5.- Always includes you in his plans.

There is no weekend when your boy does not call you and asks you about his plans.

As he always includes you in these.

So, if you have noticed that your boy fulfills the majority of these signs, it is likely that the relationship between you is very valuable to him.