Signs that a man likes you even if he does not admit it

Is he falling in love with you?

So you go out exclusively with that particular guy and everything seems to go well. He’s very good with you, chemistry is undeniable, and many good times go by together.

You know you’re falling in love with him, but there’s only one problem: you have no idea what he feels for you. Why?

He never tells you anything in relation to the subject. So if you’re dying to know which are the 10 Signs that a man likes you even if he does not admit it, unlike women, men are not very expressive when it comes to their heart and emotions.

Signs that a man likes you even if he does not admit it

If he does not touch the subject can be for any of these reasons:

1. It’s too early to start a relationship.
2. Commitment scares him.
3. He has been hurt in the past and fears rejection.
4. Just acts like any boy who prefers to do things instead of saying them.

Do not lose hope. It is not so difficult to know if a boy likes you. These are the signs that you should look for to know what he feels:

1. Loves being with you and makes up any excuse to see you.

If he does anything just to spend some time with you, you are facing a clear signal that he feels it as much more than a friendship.

This boy wants you to be more than his friend. That’s why he’s willing to sacrifice his time to be with you.

Without you knowing it, he may have stopped doing important things to see you. He often makes plans in which he considers you, like going to a concert or a trip.

This means that he would love you to be with him long term.

2. Strives to remember dates and special occasions.

For most women, remembering special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries or other things is natural.

However, if a man remembers them it is an important sign that you are in his thoughts.

If he makes sure that the occasion is special for you, you can be sure that he is falling in love with you.

Especially if he’s not the kind of man who does those things for other women.

Moreover, if he does everything possible to make the occasion unforgettable just so you know he cares, makes sure you continue with him.

It means that he wants nothing more than to make you happy.

Also, look if he gives you something for no special reason.

3. Remembers the things you said, what you like or what you do.

If the boy remembers all things, trivial or not, there is no doubt that he really likes you.

If he knows that you like a certain artist or a certain movie, you must be sure that he has you in his thoughts every day.

4. Makes extra efforts to boost your spirits when you have a bad day.

If he cares about your feelings, he is demonstrating his feelings towards you.

If he is sensitive to your emotions and he knows that you have had a bad day without being told, he is very interested in yourself.

He may also want to boost your spirits by taking you somewhere even if it means getting out of his routine.

He listens to you and never complains.

5. Feels that he must protect you.

You will notice that he always stays at a distance as if he is protecting you.

Small gestures like making sure you’re okay or telling you to tell him when you get home, says a lot about how he feels about you.

6. Makes an intense eye contact when he speaks to you.

As they say, the eyes are the window of the soul.

If he looks you intently in the eye when he speaks to you, he may be willing to say something without words. What he still does not admit you.

If you catch him looking at you, it’s another clear sign that he’s very interested.

7. Wants to know more about you.

Your family, interests, tastes, everything that has to do with you.

When a boy really wants to know more about your life, he is trying to tell you that he wants to be part of it.

8. Talks about the future and includes you in it.

Boys never make plans with girls they just meet or with whom they do not pretend to have something serious.

So if he talks about the future and asks for your opinion, he is really inviting you to be part of his life.

9. It bothers him when you do not return his calls or messages.

When your phone is off or out of coverage, but he tries not to show it.

You may do harmless things that make him jealous.

If he is in love with you, he will be jealous if you are with another man and do not return his calls.

This implies that he sees you as something much more important than just a friend.

He feels jealous but does not admit it.

10. He likes to touch you tenderly.

Physical attraction is expected when a boy likes you.

He may do things as simple as stroking your face fondly or removing the hair from your face.

This indicates the special affection he feels for you.

If he gives you a little kiss when he says goodbye or hugs you to cross the street, well you know.

For most men, actions say more than words.

Forget about forcing him to admit what he feels for you, what matters is how he expresses it.