Signs Of A Man Not Interested In You

Does he love me or doesn’t he love me?

Instead of continuing to peel off daisies or the flowers in the garden of your home to find an answer, check this out.

Stop asking yourself again and again why sometimes this man that you are so interested in sometimes calls you and sometimes seems to have vanished from the world.

With the advice that I will gather you then you can open your eyes well so you do not keep wasting time with a man who is not worth it, or who is worth -we have to say it- but that is not for you at this time.

There are many signs that men let see when they are not really in love with a woman.

Maybe you can understand why your boy is not as demonstrative and attentive as you expected … Here are the signs of a man not interested in a girl:

Signs Of A Man Not Interested In You

1. No effort to see each other.

In the morning you can not meet because he is sleeping.

In the afternoon either because he says that “he has many things to do”, which can range from studying, working or … accompanying the mother to choose new curtains for the house.

A man really in love with you will always find a moment to see you, be that as it may.

Instead of giving excuses not to meet, looks for reasons to be close to you.

2. He wants to see you for …

During the day he is missing because he always has a lot of things to do.

However, magically, at night begins to drop calls and messages to invite you to sleep with him at home.

We could say yes, he is interested, but only in having sex with you.

And just as he has this superficial interest in you, he can have it in other women at the same time.

3. You give but you do not receive.

You cook for him, give him gifts, send him affectionate messages, invite him to your house and do everything for him with good intentions.

However, with some luck, you will have hardly received any other compliment.

With this panorama, you can see that he is not too much interested in you and at the same time comfortable because he has a woman who gives everything to him without asking for anything in exchange.

4. He did not introduce you to friends.

You have been dating for a while, but you still do not know the faces of his best friends …
Be honest: if he was really interested in yourself, he would like to introduce you to all his family and friends after a few days of being with you, that is, he would have the intention of becoming part of your world.

5. He does not remember things about you.

A man in love, who cares about you, knows even the brand of toothbrush you use.

A little-interested man, on the other hand, forgets to wish you luck in an important exam, to say hello for your birthday and even to ask how you are when you greet him.

Do you feel identified with these situations?

Forget about him and go meet new people!

Surely you will find someone who will be very interested in you.