Signs he really likes you

As much as he tries to hide it, these attitudes will show the feelings that he feels towards you.

Do you think he likes you but you’re not sure because he has strange behaviors?

For example, one day he greets you and the next day he is indifferent. Today we will announce 5 signs that betray that he dies of love for you but he rejects to express it because he is afraid of falling in love.

Signs he really likes you

1. You feel it.

The instinct of the woman is incredible when someone likes you, you perceive it even if he tries to disguise it with “disinterested” attitudes.

He tries to stay out of your life but does not succeed, so ‘from time to time’ he asks you about what you did during the day so as not to be so ‘obvious’.

2. He delays to answer you or leaves you on ‘Seen” sometimes.

This he does so that you think he is not interested (but in reality, he dies for you). Reverse psychology, woman.

So don’t worry if he takes hours to reply to your messages or even if he does the next day.

3. At the minimum distraction, he looks at you steadily.

When he notices that you are not seeing him, he observes your face in detail and when you discover him doing so, he is ashamed because he realized that you “caught him”.

This is an indicator that shows that he really likes you but dare not tell it verbally.

However, his attitudes speak for him and if you are cunning enough, you will realize it without the need for him to express it to you.

4. Invites you to go out sporadically.

And when he does, he shows an attitude of indifference in case you tell him that you can’t.

He tries to stay a little out of you so that his love feelings do not grow towards you but he is already falling in love even without being your partner. But if it were up to him, he had a meeting with you every day.

5. Never talks to you about love.

He only makes references to it but never directly.

He refrains from getting into those issues because he is afraid of being rejected or pretends to be insensitive to the situation.

If you notice that he has a behavior similar to the one we present you on this occasion, he will probably die for you but he is afraid of falling in love or you reject him.

If you are also attracted to him, you can take the first step or at least send him signs that he also interests you. Maybe that will lead him to get a little closer.