Scientific Signs That You Attract Him

When we like someone, the most difficult thing is to realize if the same thing happens to the other.

It is a complicated task since we can not know with certainty if he is shy, if he is being friendly or if we really like him.

Scientific Signs That You Attract Him

Scientific Signs That You Attract Him

But before giving up, pay attention, because science can give you the answer you were looking for.

Do not miss the signs of science that will help you know if You Attract Him!

Scientific Signs That You Attract Him

1. Walks at the same pace.

If, when you leave school or work, he always walks at your pace, it is a sign that he’s attracted to you.

According to scientific research, men who walk at the same pace as a woman, do it because they love her and seek to slow down or increase it to be able to go in tune.

The next time you walk together, pay attention to your pace while walking.

2. Has sweaty hands.

Although we associate the sweat of the hands with the sensation of nervousness, it can also be linked to a sign of attraction.

If the boy is talking to you has sweaty hands, it is a sign that you attract him.

However, this signal is not always easy to detect.

3. Imitates you.

They usually say that imitation is a way of flattering the other.

When you really attract a boy, he will begin to do what you do unconsciously.

Pay attention to his behavior, if he starts to repeat your same terms or uses the same gestures, it is a sign that he is attracted to you.