Non-verbal Expressions That He Liked You After The First Date

The first encounters with that special person will be crucial to know if there is chemistry or if you can get to something more than a nice friendship, that is why it is important that you know the nonverbal expressions that he liked you after the first date.

Although men are too complicated to express what they feel with words, some bodily movements give them away, for that reason, knowing the nonverbal expressions that he really liked you after the first meeting, will not make you have false illusions.

Non-verbal Expressions That He Liked You After The First Date

1. He leans towards you.

In case the man you like frequently approaches your body, it means that he is curious to know who you are, what you have to say and wishes with all his heart you to continue with that talk because he is truly enjoying it.

On the other hand, if you notice that he backs down when you are talking or if you approached him, it means that he feels intimidated, threatened, finds something unpleasant and is certainly not interested.

3. Eye contact.

Remember that the eyes are the windows of the soul, so a firm look will be an excellent signal.

It has the power to bring two people who are getting to know each other together and also creates a strong bond between those who have been together for a while.

In fact, several investigations have shown that when we look at someone we like, our pupils dilate more than normal for all that effort we do to appreciate it.

4. Body barriers.

Crossing the legs, arms, putting the bag or backpack between yourselves or the simple fact of turning the body to another direction are ways to create distance and put a barrier between both.

Without a doubt, it is a sign of distancing.

On the other hand, if that boy is interested in you, he will do everything possible to direct his body towards you.

5. His feet point towards you.

This is a concept similar to the previous one.

In case that person is involuntarily interested in you he will point his feet towards you since this means that you have all his attention and he wants to continue spending a lot of time by your side.

However, in case his feet point the other way, it means that he just wants to leave the place.

6. The inevitable microexpressions.

These are quite subtle and involuntary gestures that in most cases go unnoticed since they occur in a fraction of seconds and are able to expose the true feeling of the person.

For this reason, they are difficult to detect, but maybe if you can notice a grimace in the middle of a smile or if he looks away while talking to you as if looking for a way to escape.

Or in some cases, he can not avoid having a gesture of discomfort or displeasure on his face.

7. Much difficulty to talk.

There is a difference between having no interest in having a conversation and another very different one that costs you work because you are nervous.

You can tell instantly.

In case he does not want to talk he will be cutting from the first minute, apart from that he will show that he is bored, while if he is nervous, he will lock himself during the conversation, confuse words because surely the effort to meet all your expectations and to please you is not paying off.