How to tell if a guy likes you mixed signals – 6 Details you’ll notice if a man likes you

How to tell if a guy likes you mixed signals

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Do you want to know the gestures that a man makes when he likes you? Keep reading.

How to tell if a guy likes you mixed signals

6 Details you’ll notice if a man likes you:

1) He looks at you often.

Both sexes show interest initially by the look, but men tend to be more visual and less discreet than women. when guys like a girl a lot, they need to look at her. Even if they are shy they will assiduously (but concealed), simply can not help it.

2) He leans too much while talking to her.

An involuntary detail that almost always reveals his intentions. When you’re talking to a guy that you attract, you’ll probably notice that he approaches his head too close to you. You’ll also probably notice a slight tilt towards your ear, but the greater the difference in height (in his favor), the more apparent it will be the fact that he is bent. For a guy, to be inclined too long, arching his back and looking down, is not at all comfortable. He’ll only do it in the event that there is a motivation interesting enough to do it, and that happens when he has what he likes in front of him.

3) His feet point towards you.

Another unconscious pattern that concerns both sexes. For them, it becomes even more evident. If you are interested in a guy who is talking to you, take a discreet peek at his feet. If pointing towards you (or you stay in between them) there are many possibilities that he likes you.

4) He makes jokes to you.

He makes jokes to you that do not create actual discomfort but cause funny reactions in you. eye! They should not be offensive, and if they are, you must stop him.

5) He looks forward to making contact with you.

This goes a little attached to point 4, who has not ever seen that guy with some
barefacedness to make a joke and then give a little hug or a pat on the back of a girl? They are signs that indicate complicity. If a guy takes your hand to point out something he has seen, or if he passes you a hand through your shoulder for you to turn around … It was not a chance, he would never do it if you do not attract him.

6) Gets nervous.

He seems to have a nice character and with you he is wilder? Do not discard him! Sometimes shy guys put a shell in front of the girl they like, to the point of seeming unpleasant or distant. Watch him while talking to you, is he calm while talking or do you see that he does not build an eloquent speech? Does he grab his arms too much? Does he move his legs too? Showing himself dry while chatting with you, by itself, does not indicate attraction, but it comes together simultaneously with points 1 and 3, you may be looking at an introverted guy … who likes you.

Those are some of the tips that will probably answer your question how to tell if a guy likes you mixed signals. Good luck!

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