How to be the most attractive girl – 10 things men find highly attractive in a woman

Now the women can take advantage of scientific studies, although they are a breakthrough to science, are also useful to survive from day to day. Here we present you a series of data of peculiar things that men find interesting in a woman, so girls, Attack!

How to be the most attractive girl

How to be the most attractive girl

How to be the most attractive girl

1. Red Dress: A study from the University of Rochester showed that men find sexy women who wear the garment in crimson. But beware! Don’t get saturated with this tone because sometimes is misunderstood, use it for that special occasion.

2. Let your smile be your cover letter: There they say a look is worth a thousand words, but apparently the matter is not so but a smile is worth a thousand words; as
shown by a recent study published by the American Psychological Association, which shows that men find attractive a super genuine smile, it stimulates the part of the
brain associated with sensory rewards. So girls peel the teeth!

3. Arms Uncovered: You thought your legs were the lethal weapon to conquer? You are wrong! Experts from the University of New South Wales found that men feel an incredible
suggestion by the arms, so next time you go to the gym put more attention on this body part.

4. No more tears before him: As simple as that if you want to mourn never do it before him. Contrary to what many women think that crying manipulate their partners,
this can prove to cause imminent rejection. Research published in Science Express showed that men flee tears.

5. Laugh at their jokes: Although they do not look one bit funny, they love you laugh at their jokes. A Canadian university showed that men are strongly attracted to
women who enjoy their jokes and pranks.

6. Goodbye to that little girl voice Strawberry: Recently it was found that men are attracted to the strong voices and character. High tones fascinate the kids, so if
this is not the case, get to work on it.

7. Take your extra pounds proudly: If you think men go crazy with the top skeletal supermodels, you are in a great error. Scottish researchers found that they prefer
women with a normal weight, compared with excessively thin women. So do not torture yourself with diet, but yes, don’t abuse either because everything has its limit.

8. Lips full of passion: Who said red lips ceased to be a perfect weapon of seduction for women? Scientists at the University of Manchester found that men are highly
attracted to this color, and lips with sexy red lipstick are able to attract their attention strongly. The reason? Red lips mimic the dilation of blood vessels produced with arousal.

9. Move hips: Studies at Texas A & M University, showed that a perfect tactic to attract the attention of men is with a step determined and sensual when walking.

10. Imitate him subtly: It is proven that women who do the same actions as men have a large percentage of their attention slightly. If he scratches the tip of the
nose, do the same seconds later and every time he asks something, use the same words he used to answer.

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