Gestures Of A Man In Love

Your boy has not yet told you “I love you” and you’re afraid he will not feel it?

For some men demonstrating their feelings can be difficult, for fear of rejection, compromise or because they have never said it before.

Gestures Of A Man In Love

Gestures Of A Man In Love

But even if they do not say it, there are attitudes and gestures that show that they are interested and even in love.

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Gestures Of A Man In Love

7. Kisses are passionate.

We all love passionate kisses, they are an excellent way to check what a boy feels for you.

If he constantly initiates those kinds of kisses that are a mixture of passion and tenderness, then there is no doubt that he has great feelings towards you.

The same happens with the proximity.

When someone who does not interest us gets too close and invades our personal space it can be really irritating.

But if it is someone who attracts us is completely different.

If you see that he gets closer to you than with other people, that is a sign or gesture that shows his interest.

6. Smiles after kissing.

It is normal that after kissing someone you really like and that you enjoy their company you smile, for how good it feels.

If you see him smiling after each kiss, it’s an excellent sign that he really enjoys your company.

5. Listen carefully.

While he may not be saying much about what he feels about the relationship and his feelings, the fact that he pays attention and listens to everything you say is really significant.

From getting closer when discussing important issues to accenting when you say something, they are signs that show how much he cares and he’s interested in what you have to say.

4. Holds your hand tight.

Sometimes a gesture that says it all is to press your hand hard.

For people who find it difficult to express what they feel, it can be a simple and silent way to manifest their love.

If you find that he holds your hand strongly, it may be his way of saying I love you.

3. Maintains eye contact.

If being in a bar or in the same place with friends and each in a different conversation, from time to time makes eye contact with you, looks at you and smiles briefly, is a way to indicate that he’s in love with you.

2. Writes and calls often.

Not everyone usually does it and you should not take it personally.

But for those who usually do it, it’s a demonstration that he feels comfortable with you.

He wants to tell you about his day and shows you what he thinks of you when he’s somewhere else.

1. Spontaneous contact.

If he usually puts his hands on your back, approach him, taking your hand and caress it, is an excellent sign.

Spontaneous contact shows that he wants to be close and maintain physical contact not only on a sexual level.

Even though he does not tell you that he loves you (yet) if he has this kind of gestures he is showing you everything he feels for you.

Not all men act the same way and not everyone finds it easy to express their feelings, so do not be tough on your boy if he does not tell you yet.