Flirtatious Gestures That Make A Guy Fall In Love

There are some gestures that get attention, they make women look more interesting for the opposite sex. And although it seems incredible, some of them you can do daily without you even notice it.

Next, we tell you those simple gestures that make men fall in love:


Flirtatious Gestures That Make A Guy Fall In Love

1. Wink an eye.

If you want to do it, it is better that you rehearse it beforehand, since if it does not come out naturally, it will seem very daring or that you got something in your eyes that bother you. You can practice it in front of the mirror and see how it goes.

2. Play with your hair.

It must also be in a subtle way, and it is not about touching it all the time. You don’t want to look nervous either. So when you are talking and feel that the boy you like is watching you, you can move your hair from one side to another and turn to see the person who steals your dream.

3. The way of walking.

Some women have the ability to move their hips in a sexy way when walking. It is very natural to them, if this is not your case, try to slide in a flirtatious way.

4. Flip to the side unexpectedly.

If he is a few meters away from you, take the opportunity to surprise him with a look that leaves him breathless. Try to move your head subtly, highlighting your hair, while throwing a shocking smile.