Female Gestures That Men Love

Do you want to drive your boy crazy?

Then find out what gestures you can use to make him crazy about you … then!

We will see some of the gestures of women that drive them crazy.


Female Gestures That Men Love

1. Shaking the hair.

Your wild hair is a weakness in your boy.

So if you use it loose and move it while you look at him deeply, you are telling him:
“Here I am, confident and sensual, for you”.

In nature, long hair is a sign of female health and sexuality.

Take advantage of!

2. Biting the lip.

It is not well known why, but men are fascinated to see a woman who plays with her lips.

Keeping your bottom lip bitten for a few seconds and then releasing it slowly while your man looks at you will make him go crazy.

And not even saying if you pass your tongue through them after!

3. Hair behind the ear.

If there is a gesture that men love, it is when the woman arranges her hair gently behind the ear.

It is said that it is because in this way you allow the neck to be seen, an erogenous zone par excellence.

4. Tilt your head and smile.

While it is a classic sign of flirting and attraction, men love it.

Tilting your head and smiling makes you look innocent, sweet and interested in him.

Let’s continue seeing more!

5. Touch the neck.

Gently caressing your neck unintentionally causes his eyes to sink into you and his imagination to begin to fly.

As I already told you, the neck is an erogenous, soft and feminine zone, one of the few that can be shown and played in public, so men love your gesture of gently caressing the neck.

6. Crossing the legs.

Sitting cross-legged is a feminine form that makes you position yourself in a seat in a sensual way not to show the crotch.

This totally unconscious gesture is loved by men, as it causes the body of the woman to form, showing a small waist, large tail, and sensual legs.

7. Caressing an object.

Tell me if it has never happened to you that you are surprised in the middle of a conversation with a boy caressing a glass. It is true!

They love when they see you fiddling with a glass, a pen or your sunglasses for example.

8. Touching your legs.

When a man sees that while sitting you caress your legs unconsciously he can melt himself.

It can also be a gesture absolutely thought by you to drive him crazy once and for all.

Do you usually do these gestures?

If you do not do them, it’s time to start.

Do you have another gesture that your boy likes?

Tell us!