Body Gestures That Show A Man’s Interest

I am sure that many women have said men are difficult to understand. Let me tell you no and on this occasion, I will tell you 4 signs that we men give which means we are interested in someone.



Body Gestures That Show A Man’s Interest

1. Movement of the feet.

Although we are chatting with other people, our feet will point towards the person we like. We will also have a kind expression with her especially.

2. Raise our eyebrows while we talk.

When you speak to us, you may notice that our eyebrows are slightly raised. That is the clearest sign of our interest in the other person.

3. Straighten his back.

A clear demonstration of our interest in a woman is to automatically straighten our back when we feel she is watching us.

4. Open the mouth slightly.

When we stand in front of you and our eyes meet, we will open our mouths slightly.

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