Behaviors of a man interested in you

If you do not know for sure if the boy you like is interested in you, then do not despair.

There are several ways to know, and thanks to body language you will see how he manages to convey his feelings even though he does not dare to say it.

Do not miss these 6 behaviors of a man interested in you, next!

Behaviors of a man interested in you

6. Lean forward.

The best way to know what a man feels is to see how he acts when he is near.

Observing his movements is an excellent way to realize because although they’re controlled to express his feelings his body will give him away.

Whether you are sitting side by side or farther, see if his torso leans toward you. That is a way of indicating that he wants to be close to you.

On the other hand, if he looks everywhere, moves his chair or turn his back on you … better not waste your time!

5. Arched eyebrows.

More and more people specialize in analyzing human behavior and obtaining data through non-verbal communication.

A behavior that men usually have when they see something or someone they like is to raise their eyebrows.

The arched eyebrows make his eyes look bigger and if he does it for a few seconds, it is the time necessary for you to notice it.

4. Arms and legs without crossing.

When a woman crosses her legs there is no mystery. On the other hand, if a man does, he can indicate that he does not intend to express his feelings or let you get close.

And the crossed arms are not a good sign either, as it can mean that he has trouble showing his feelings. Therefore, pay attention and see how relaxed he is around you.

Clearly, at the beginning of a relationship the two can feel or act somewhat strange because of shyness but then it is assumed that his body should begin to relax and approach you to get to know each other.

3. Fixes himself.

A nice gesture that is also a good sign that he is interested is to come to see you. And if he likes you, it’s something he’ll try to do.

Pay attention to whether he fixes his hair or arranges his clothes while he is with you. I do not mean to go to the other extreme but to want to leave you a good impression.

2. Looks you up and down.

If he looks you from top to bottom and without worrying about hiding it, that is a clear sign that he likes you and that he also wants you to know.

Take advantage of that moment and show him also how much you like him.

1. Searches for physical contact.

The great sign of a man interested in you is to seek physical contact with you.

If he likes you, he will not be able to avoid wanting to be near you, touching your hand accidentally, praising something you wear or being interested in something he knows you like.

Men can be complicated and can leave you in doubt about whether they like you or not. But body language is an excellent way to check it out with small details that will make you feel much more secure.

What other behaviors of a man interested in you do you usually notice?

And you, do you have any other secret for men to approach you? We want to know!