10 signs a guy likes you – 10 gestures to prove that he is interested in you

The average man chooses between ten gestures to attract a woman: raises his eyebrows, touches his face, opens his legs … and everything is unconscious and inevitable. So here are 10 signs a guy likes you.

10 signs a guy likes you

10 signs a guy likes you

¿Who is better than women in the matter of intuition? This natural tool helps them perceive the “emotional environment” as precisely as looking at the cloudy sky and know that it will rain … but sometimes things get a little complicated, right?

Look at this guide of the male body language and forget the confusion that usually brings flirting.

What his body tells you

Wants to see you better: as a man sees a woman he likes, his eyebrows rise to better open his eyes and see what appeals to him. The gesture lasts a fifth of a second, but it happens all the time.

Open-mouthed: without exaggeration (obviously), the lips of a man open a little when he sees the woman he loves.

Everything looks great: his muscles will be tense for “showing” his body before you in the best way possible. The most common posture of a man who is attracted to you is with hands on hips.

Unconscious self-stimulation: when talking with you caress his cheeks, touches his chin or ears constantly if he feels attracted to you. This occurs by hyper sensitization of the facial skin in general and the desire of stimulation.

Sexy voice: the tone that a man attracted to you uses to talk sounds very serious and strong. Naturally, his body wants to show you that has reached the sexual maturity.

What his actions tell you

“Give me attention!”: From a discrete adjusting to his necktie to become the comedian of the night, your man will try you to pay attention to him at all costs.

Visual inspection: besides having observed you from afar when you got up to go to the bathroom, a man attracted to you will look at “blatantly”. He wants you to know that he is admiring your body.

Out Dress: playing with the buttons of his shirt or jacket is a sign that you get him nervous, and also a mechanical desire to undress. If the jacket is removed permanently … he is imagining you on his bed.

Round objects: when a man is sexually interested in you, he’ll play with his glass or bottle. The message is: thinking about touching your breasts.

Chivalry and something more: if a man puts his hand on the curve of your back or on your side to guide you when you enter a restaurant or while walking he does not want to lose sight of you! This way he ensures to know where you go because he’s taking you.